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Baytown 1


Baytown 2

The equal leaders were joshua silver and rex shadowstun. Building a great place that would last for all time, building, tranning new soldiers, building a better economy, what more could be asked for. It was during this time that the first offical city was built, and the orgional baytown palace was completed. This was june-2011-may-2012.

So, many things were built and many changes were made. We worked and grew to become a great nation, all the way to eqaul power bettwen both slever and shadowstun and one huge combined army. More and more places were made, more and more people joined us, it was a great time, finally the city was made and our home land was established. Yet, it would not last for ever. Even now after the first wars were over and anton was defeated, a new enemy would arise from with in, sparking the civil war for it all.